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The easiest chocolate mousse in the world

I’m not even sure it qualifies as mousse. But I like it.

100 g Chocolate
250 ml Whipping Cream

– Melt Chocolate.
– Whip cream.
– Fold chocolate into whipped cream.

And that’s it! Easy to do, even easier to remember.

– Freezing the mousse turns it into a sort of chocolate ice cream. Some actually like it better that way.
– Amounts aren’t set in stone. For example, if I double the chocolate, I get a harder, more chocolaty mousse.
– I don’t like things that are too sweet, so when making this for myself I use bittersweet chocolate (usually 60% cocoa solids). When making for others, I use milk chocolate, for a sweeter taste. (I don’t think it needs any added white sugar either way.)
– If I put the mousse in a lot of very small cups and freeze them, and every day I take one cup from the freezer and move it to fridge for slow defrost, then I can enjoy a single batch for weeks. If I keep the whole thing in one big bowl in the fridge, it doesn’t last two days 😉

Liran 🙂


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